Grimoire : Heralds of the Winged Exemplar - RPG Dungeon Crawler

Many years ago Grimoire, an RPG Dungeon Crawler was mentioned on a well known forum such as Rpg Codex, however through many promises of a release it never came to pass until today. The developer Cleveland M. Blakemore has a rather iffy past, thus it's a shame for a such a cool looking retro game to be tainted by one person. Grimoire should've been released a long time ago, but through indiegogo funding we finally have a demo.

Grimoire is a turn-based, 3D, first person perspective roleplaying adventure in 1024x768 256 Color graphics. The style is very similar to that of long since past CRPG's during the time of roleplaying such as the great Eye of the Beholder and Might & Magic.

The emphasis in the game is on the story, exploration, discovery, character advancement, puzzle solving, strategic phased combat, treasure hunting, inventory management and interaction with the non-player characters encountered during play.

Noteworthy Features:

  • 600 hours of play possible in a single game
  • 244+ Maps in the game to explore!
  • Turn-Based strategic combat
  • 144 context sensitive magic spells
  • 14 races, 15 professions, 50 skills
  • 64 intelligent NPCs with 8000+ Words in Vocabulary
  • Full Sentence Communication with NPCs
  • 240+ monsters each with special powers and defenses
  • 1000+ items, Carry Containers, Global Party Inventory
  • 30 conditions, from Confusion to Disease & Lycanthropy
  • Automapping, Autowalking, Autohealing
  • Global Map Atlas With Position Marker
  • Quest Journal, Hint Prompting, Help Facility, Mini-Quests
  • Complex LockPicking Interfaces for Doors & Chests
  • Challenging Puzzles and Rich Interactive Dungeons
  • Browsable Character Library for up to 100 characters
  • Up to 12 Commented Postage Stamped Savegames
  • Multi-themed GUI and customizable screen layouts
The Indiegogo goal is at $25,000 which in my opinion is a bit high and it's already failed it's previous goal. So it will be interesting to see if the demo makes a difference to the current pledging situation.


New version 1.2 of installation package designed to give full admin privileges under Win 7 / Vista and much less crashes!

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  1. absolutely cooooollll!


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