- A new way to do a bundle!

A new Indie bundle scheme has been created that might appeal to a wider audience. Instead of Indie developers selling their products via one bundle, sets each bundle apart by Genre. For example if you prefer platform games, then the platformer bundle will be more to your liking.  Each bundle is also available on either (not both) the Desura or Steam platform, when either has been purchased the keys are sent to your email. The games don't disappoint either!

Check all the games below specific to their genre, lots!!

The Mothership Bundle
Mayhem Intergalactic (Desura)
Beware Planet Earth! (Desura)
Eight Days in Convoke (Desura)
(+ Game) Fulmination (Desura)

Summersun Chiptune Bundle
Bug Spray, by Space Boyfriend
Vacation Wasteland EP, by Slime Girls
9th Wizard: Rings of Eternity OST,

Delightful Point & Click Bundle
Shadows on the Vatican (Desura)
The Journey Down (Desura)
Metal Dead (Desura)

Neon SHMUP Bundle
Koya Rift (Desura)
P-3 Biotic (Desura)
Clean’Em Up (Desura)

Perceptive Puzzle Bundle
Terraform (Desura)
Plith (Desura)
Vizati (Desura)

Radical Rhythm Bundle
Frederic: The Resurrection of Music (Desura)
Stay Dead (Desura)
Break Block (Desura)

Retro Platform Bundle
Oniken (Desura)
Crystal Towers 2 (Desura)
Three Dead Zed (Desura)

Eat My Dust Racing Bundle
Headlong (Desura)
Little Racers STREET (Desura)
Monster Minis Extreme Off-Road (Desura)
(+ Game) Metal Drift (Steam)

Full Steam Ahead Bundle
Metal Drift (Steam)
Mayhem Intergalactic (Steam)
The Journey Down (Steam)

There is no limit to the number of bundles you can buy! Each purchase supports a developer and rewards you with awesome games.


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