Superfrog HD - Platforming fun coming to PS3 and PS Vita

Anyone remember Superfrog? Well I do! It was a brilliant scrolling 2D platforming Amiga and PC(DOS) game. It was originally developed and published for the Amiga in 1993 by Team 17 and then later released for PC(DOS) systems and finally appeared on Team 17 are once again going back to it's roots by pushing Superfrog into the HD era for the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita later this year. Superfrog HD will feature all the levels you remember from 1993 but with all new graphics.
"We’re extremely excited about bringing Superfrog HD to PS3 and PS Vita; it’s the most requested game that our fans are always asking to see make a return. Now, with the 20th anniversary of the original Superfrog and the recent re-release of our classic survival-horror Alien Breed, we feel the timing has never been better.
The objective of the original was to find and defeat the witch, then rescue the princess, while achieving smaller objectives throughout. There were 24 regular levels divided in six differently-themed worlds. Each level had you collecting a set number of coins and then reaching the exit. Extra factors of gameplay include a timer countdown and a number of health points. Both of which can be restored by finding bottles of Lucozade, though I wonder if these will be changed for energy drinks instead, in the HD version ;).

Amiga Version

Thanks to Srategyinformer for the heads up

Considering Superfrog's roots, I hope they release the game for all platforms as it seems very wrong to be released on just a playstation! Will also be interesting to see how far they push the HD detail when it's near release.

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