WarZ - Dev Diary, 2/1

Been awhile since we've done any WarZ updates, though WarZ is a fun game, Indie and Retro games will always take a front seat. However back to the 2/1 Dev Diary! Check out the latest Reputation, self-defense, Missions, Strongholds, New characters and Safe settlements updates to come.

Reputation and self-defense

With the next patch update we're rolling out an addition to the reputation system that will allow for self-defense. The point of the self-defense mechanic is to allow players to defend themselves against other players without taking a penalty to reputation. Thus, someone attempting to gain a higher Lawman status can defend against an early level bandit who still has the ?civilian? title.

If someone shoots you, and you in turn kill them, you will take no penalty to reputation.


We're talking about 2 basic mission categories to start - Bounty and Trade. When posting a mission, the reward you choose will be removed from your inventory/bank and be attached to the mission until its either completed or it expires.

All missions will be server specific, and stay on the Pub board for 24 hours, after which they'll expire, and the reward returns to the posters Global Inventory.

Bounty missions are simple. Find and kill <playername>. The player posting the bounty decides the reward, and it can be any item in their inventories or any form of currency. The player who accepts the bounty mission has 12 hours to find and kill his target before the contract expires.

Trade missions are equally simple - you offer a reward in exchange for someone locating an item or items for you. This is completely up to the players, and once the mission is completed, received items are automatically put into the respective players Global Inventories.

Thoughts? We'd love some feedback, possibly ideas for additional player driven missions you'd like to see.


Strongholds are private bases where players can create their own gameplay, even roleplay as desired. Rentals will function similarly to Gameworld private server rentals, with the difference that on these smaller stronghold maps players can plant crops and fortify buildings as they like using a series of building blocks.

Strongholds can also be central bases for clans where lockers can be placed to create clan inventories, etc - the idea here is that you can customize a stronghold for whatever use you like.

We're working on several maps at the moment - below is a screenshot from Cliffside (working title)

Even more information here

One thing I will say though that hackers/cheaters are becoming a major problem again, especially with the anti-fairfight cheat. Even if you report them, it just blocks the report in such a way I have no idea how it works.

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