WarZ - Dev Diary 2/8/13 : Patch News

A new WarZ Dev 2/8/13 Diary has been updated for all you online zombie apocalypse gamers! Oh and can someone please save me some Vaccine as I think I'm infected ;). Check out the new Fast Travel, or The Colorado Underground, Item degradation and repair, City Conquest and Clan Wars, New weapons and the all important up coming patch!

Happy Friday everyone!

This weeks been an intense one over here. Completely redoing the spawn system, finishing up server rentals and strongholds - all in all its been worth it though, and we can't wait to see what you think of the new changes coming. Given that, the spawn systems all new your feedback will be important as we tweak balancing.

For this weeks dev diary, we wanted to give you a glimpse at some new weapons coming soon, but mainly discuss a few ideas the team has been working on, and see what you thought. All of these ideas are only in a discussion phase and are not part of any production schedules. IE this is not a promised feature at this time
Fast Travel, or The Colorado Underground

This will be a familiar idea to many of you, as its come up in many a discussion, but the idea is this:

There are a series of tunnels connecting the safe settlements, essentially a subway system, that players can utilize by paying a small fee with in-game currency (not GC) and quickly travel between all the safe settlements. There will be a cool down on this ability, but the idea is to allow players to quickly get closer to where they want to go.

Would this be something you'd like to see, or even use? Can you think of any possible ways this could be abused?

This feature, we feel, would also be extremely helpful in larger maps, like California once its completed.

Item degradation and repair

The way this would work would be that over time and use items/weapons/armor slowly degrade, until they begin to have negative effects before breaking and becoming completely useless. Items found in the wild will have varying 'health' values reflecting the fact that these items have been out and around for so long

Of course, you'll still find pristine items, but this would be rarer. In terms of use, every time an item is used it has a chance to degrade slightly, and as it crests different damage thresholds it becomes less useful.

This feature would have its own associated skill set, so that players can increase their ability to repair items and weapons efficiently and swiftly. Additionally, players can specialize in repairing, and even then start charging for their services.

Would this be a valuable addition? Let us know what you think in the comments.

City Conquest and Clan Wars

As clans gain prevalence and prominence, we've seen many major groups grow in size and power. This idea involves entering a city and then holding that city / fighting over that city to gain control over it. Once the city has been captured by a clan this clan then would have perks that would last as long as they have the city.

New weapons!

Art's been busy cranking out some awesome new weapons in addition to map and character work.

Next Patch - UPDATE 2/12/13

Server rentals are live! You can access this from the Play Game > My Servers menu.
You can now invite up to 10 players to your party! To do this press the tab key and then left click a players name. Then select Invite to Group.
Group and Clan members now show their location on the map.
A Vault has been added to Safe Settlements, you are able to access your Global Inventory via NPC.
A General Store has been added that allows you to access the Marketplace via NPC.
Weapons have been added to the game: Mosin Rifle, Colt 1911,
New totally redesigned item spawns.
Fixed a server hopping exploit.
Optimize server browser ? Should load the list of servers faster.
Fixed an issue with notes remaining visible after being killed
It is no longer possible to reload while your clip is full.
Fixed a bug that allowed users to have their names displayed when not being targeted.
Optimized clans UI
Fixed a bug with backpacks where weight was not updating when moving items into it.
Art: Improved the lighting in Colorado
Added more zombies to increase the difficulty of good loot spawns


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