WinUAE 2.6.0 Beta 6 - The Amiga Emulator

Another day another update, thanks to Toni Wilen, who has released the latest beta 2.6.0 Version 6 of this amazing Amiga Emulator WinUAE. Which enables us to play Amiga games on windows. Let's see what has been fixed!

Beta 6:
MMU emulation is now considered mostly done. Some minor bugs probably still exist but Amix, NetBSD, Debian Linux, Enforcer and WHDLoad MMU option seem to work fine.

- SCSI and IDE emulation HD and CD read and write commands are now executed in background thread, slow devices (for example real optical drive) won't temporarily pause the emulation anymore.
- ATAPI CD emulation didn't support split data transfers. Fixes NetBSD installer unpack error.
- Show also error code converted to string if HD to HDF image creation fails.
- Added mostly useless CD list to CD drive GUI. (Someday there will be more than 1 option)
- Do not allow multiple identical HD/CD controllers (if not UAE).
- Increased size of ATAPI data buffer and added size checks. 65536 was too low. (Debian installer)
- SCSI emulation didn't handle WD33C93 Select-and-Transfer command scatter/gather DMA. (Debian installer)
- CD led didn't flicker during SCSI and ATAPI CD access.
- Fixed D3D shader error/warning string buffer overflow crash. Some shaders can output really long warning messages.
- D3D internal texture size was incorrect in some situations, causing some shaders to have incorrect geometry.
- Added support for "post" shader filters. Post = apply shader to final output (after scaling, D3D scanlines and RGB masks), Pre = apply shader to internal Amiga display (same as in previous versions).
- D3D shaders can be "stacked", max 4 pre and post shaders supported. (-4 to -1 = pre, 1 to 4 = post), Output of previous shader is input to next shader. Can be useful if you want to have "normal" filter and CRT geometry filter active at the same time. Also stacking same filter multiple times makes interesting results D3D only, software filters not supported.

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