Starbase Orion - 4x Space Strategy (Kickstarter)

A new kickstarter titled, Starbase Orion, is a port 4x space strategy game from the iOS devices, in which you can colonize planets, research new technology, fight in space battles and be diplomatic with other races. It was hugely popular on those devices and gained fantastic reviews, however unlike most kickstarters, this kickstarters information is very sparse and lacking any great detail.

Chimera Software the developer of Starbase Orion are asking for $40.000 for porting Starbase Orion to your ANDROID/PC and MAC. Which they claim will breakdown into software licenses costs, server costs and art and marketing expenses. However they also mention that the project will take approximately five months to complete. It certainly gives the impression of a Master of Orion clone but there is a nagging voice at the back of my mind, if this app was so popular and gained many rave reviews, then that profit should've been used to help port the game and not our money. Are they concerned it won't be as popular hence the kickstarter and using the breakdown costs as more of a front? Who knows!

One positive aspect over the Ipad for example, is They also have plans to set stretch goals along the way, “to be used solely for the purpose of improving Starbase Orion”. They probably should've done that now ;)


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