Procyon - Shoot em up

Feel like playing a shoot em up with tons of enemies, awesome weaponry including a very powerful beam weapon and with a pumping sound track, then check out Procyon. This is the future and humanity is under attack by aliens, but we possibly have the upper hand with an experimental ship that's never been used that could win the battle. Fight through five increasingly-populated shoot em up stages and waves and waves of enemies and the all powerful bosses, this could be a shoot em up hit!

  • Fight through five increasingly-populated shoot-em-up stages
  • Destroy a plethora of enemies (or, as we like to call them, "potential explosions")
  • Switch between two distinct weapons on the fly: bullets for lots of damage over lots of space and a locking beam for concentrating on those hard-to-reach areas!
  • Use your shields to zip unharmed through enemy attacks!
  • Overcharge your weapons on the fly for even more destructive power!
  • Original faux-orchestral soundtrack is like music to your ears! Because it IS music. For your ears.
  • Multiple game modes, from the start-at-any-level normal mode up to "I have but one life to give for my planet" survival mode.
  • Local co-op allows you and a friend (or even a complete stranger that you're willing to invite into your home, if you want) to team up and deliver double the delicious destruction!
  • Support for playing in portrait orientation for a true top-down shmup experience!
  • If greenlit, I'd love to add support for steam leaderboards, steam achievements, and cloud saves!
  • Full controller support! Would play great in Steam Big Picture!
Procyon is on steam greenlight and needs your votes, it will also hopefully be available on both PC and LINUX ( Work In Progress )

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