Shattered World: Beneath A Stone Sky (RPG)

This is a rather nice rpg, designed with an unusual art style that i've not seen for awhile, it could almost suit the Amiga. Shattered World: Beneath A Stone Sky is about A world made of floating continents, divided not only by distance, but by the minds of men. You set out on a quest to unify these lands or destroy them depending on how nice you want to be.  The game contains a stat system and while in combat the ability to use combo attacks and magic.

You have the choice of over 30 playable classes to combine your party from and as a neat addition to the game, while in combat, you can convert the bad guys to join your side. Shattered World is still in development but it looks great and simple to use. Travel the lands, go through the chaptered story, converse with other characters, FIGHT and more. A game not to be missed and it's free!


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