Shroud of the Avatar: forsaken Virtues, Kickstarter.

Hello everyone today we have something very special to tell you about. The creator of the ultima series Richard Garriot is going back to his RPG roots and is creating a new RPG called Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues. Richard Garriott is best known as the designer and creator of the ultima series. He hopes to make a triumphal return with Shroud of the Avatar: forsaken Virtues.

His goal is to create an immersive and meaningful world in Shroud of the Avatar, just as he has done in his previous games, he says that Shroud of the Avatar is less about level grinding and more about the choices you make. Players may choose the life of a home steader or they may adventure out onto the lucrative frontier to find glory and fortune. Like in any other good RPGs the players behavior and choices will have a meaningful impact on the games world.

The game will have a fully developed alternate language text, cultural histories and ethical parables. There will also be physical game goodies available. A cloth map, fictional manuals and trinkets. For those of you who like collectibles

Richard Garriot has said that there will be a classes game play system, but has however not elaborated on it yet, he will do so in an upcoming developer blog so stayed tuned for more information about that.

There will also be player housing, however the world will only have a limited number of these houses available and if you have missed out on one it seems like your just going to have to like the game anyway and play on without owning a home. To me owning a player home in an RPG is a big deal and I think that this system is unfair. That said this may turn out to be a very fun and immersive game despite the graphics looking so dated.

If you would like more information or wish to back this game you can find its kick starter page  here.


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