Super Mario Fusion: Revival - 0.4 Beta has been released!

Another Mario fusion game from the developers Fusion Team, was released at the end of 2012 and one we missed out on. But now is the time to feature Super Mario Fusion: Revival beta 0.4 and damn, does it look GOOD! Featuring lots of new playable characters such as Princess Peach and levels from Metal Slug , this is a fusion of some well known classics. What's more you can even drive vehicles straight from Metal Slug using one of Mario's characters, which is completely mental. With new worlds, which are wonderfully designed, and enemies from many different games, this is a recommended retro platformer.

Changes since 0.3.1
-New playable character: Princess Peach.
-Super Mario World-style map system, map paths now are locked.
-Power up/power down pause effect, just like the actual SMB games
-Massively improved parallax scrolling system; the jitteriness of many parallax backgrounds are now a thing of the past.
-Additional music soundtrack optimizations and music deletions, bringing the total soundtrack size down further to 21.3MB.
-CleanMem finally implemented. Can't believe we've gone so long without using it. Memory usage went as high as 780MB of RAM usage. With CleanMem, RAM usage was slashed dramatically to between 11 and 50MB.
-World 2 and World 4 Maps expanded and revamped
-The Frog suit has been completely overhauled. It now behaves with almost 100% accuracy to SMB3's Frog suit, both on land and in water.
-Guns have been completely removed from the source. Guns never sat right with SMF:R, and we've used them extremely rarely ever since they were implemented from MKF. Enemies that drop guns (Covenant enemies) no longer do so. The Gunner Unit boss fight has been repurposed to include MS3 Patrol Robots that the player can use as Koopa shells to attack the boss. Guns will now be a MKF-only feature.
-Numerous problems with the Metal Slug SV-001 tank have been fixed, mainly its operation underwater and it now carries over fuel and cannon stocks between levels. Tank HP increased from 3HP to 5HP. Also, a new gas can item has been made to replenish the tank's HP.
-High HP non-boss enemies hit by veggies now flash with invulnerabilty against contact with veggies for 90 steps. That means no more cheese kills against these enemies by simply throwing a veggie straight up and having it bounce it to death on one throw.
-New 8-bit Mario sounds (8-bit spring and 8-bit superspring, both from Super Mario Bros. DX for the Gameboy Color) and 16-bit Mario sounds (Boss defeated and transformation, both from Super Mario World)
-Map kickback to previously completed level tile (upon death) speed increased
-Too many bugfixes from v0.3.1 Beta to count.
-Too many new levels to count.

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