Mushroom Kingdom Fusion - Crazy Mario Crossover Platformer

I never thought I'd see a fan based game(s) such as this, it's crazy but in a good way. Mushroom Kingdom Fusion by Fusion Team, is a fan game with modified Mario game play, crossed over with many different video game universes and elements. But what does that mean? Well how about the ability to play a Sonic level but with Mario, or a Mario level with sonic, yes it's the crazy I was talking about! This is a true genius of fan based game development and a Platformer game that has to be played.

Key Features

* An overall dark atmosphere and story.

* Modified Mario-style gameplay, with SMB2 mechanics (veggie pulling, Subcon enemies) and guns.

* A roster of playable characters, both from within the Mario universe and outside  of the Mario universe. Each character will have their own unique powerup system and gameplay mechanics, adapted to fit within the Mario-based gameplay.

* Extremely variable worlds and levels. Game worlds will feature a traditional Mario world at the beginning. Later worlds will be based off other video games. Other worlds will feature completely original levels. The plot centers around the Mario universe, with stories extending out to other video game universes and even an alternate version of our Earth.


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