WinUAE 2.6.0 Beta 10 - A rather excellent Amiga emulator

Some of our Amiga members have been asking when's the next Amiga WinUAE update, it's been awhile! Well here it is, thanks to Toni Wilen, he has released the latest beta 2.6.0 Version 10 of this amazing Amiga Emulator WinUAE for your pc and it's a big update.

Beta 10:

- SCSI CD MODE SENSE emulation fixes.
- SCSI CD Write commands should return unknown command error, it is not a CD writer.
- SCSI CD and HD: return correct sense code if Read or Write command tries to access out of bounds LBAs.
- SCSI/ATAPI CD: return medium changed unit attention sense data after media change.
- OCS and ECS Denise/AGA have slightly different behavior when program writes to BPL1DAT to enable sprites before DDFSTRT (sort of AGA bordersprite option), OCS: only works if hpos is large enough (~40+), ECS: smaller limit (or no limit, didn't test).
- Soft link emulation improved.
- Directory filesystem ACTION_MAKE_LINK implemented, supports soft links only, creates shortcut (*.lnk) files.
- Entering GUI Harddrives panel removed image from internel CD image mounter if mounted as ATAPI or SCSI. (introduced few betas ago)
- Restructured blkdev.cpp unit handling.
- Sound autoswitching is disabled when AVI recording is active.
- Low latency vsync no buffer mode and doubled frames (100Hz+) was unstable.
- POTGO right button bit was temporarily and incorrectly active in some situations when loading state.
- D3D Low latency vsync in double and triple buffer double rate modes (100Hz+) now blank every other field to minimize "ghosting" effect. Will be optional later. ( for more information)
- Added hack that prevents incorrectly triggering CIA alarm interrupts in non-cycle exact modes due to not that good KS timer.device code. (It did not cause any problems, just wasted some emulated CPU time)
- Fixed memory corruption in exe to adf conversion code. (b1)

- GamePorts panel test/remap option rewritten.
* - Test and Remap buttons combined.
* - One or more events can be added.
* - Events can be removed one by one.
* - Non-key/joystick/mouse events (insert floppy, reset emulator etc..) can be added and removed. Not yet implemented.
* - Doubleclick on input list will record single input event.
* NOTE: Built-in (non-custom mode) events can not be edited, you need to start from scratch. (Click "Delete all")

Also available are easy to install OS packages which again you may need certain legal files, but there is nothing more satisfying than having an Amiga OS running through an emulator. Further more, you can make separate installs of WinUAE by making a WinUAE.ini file in the same directory as WinUAE.exe. However make sure when you update, that you delete everything in the WinUAE.ini file(back up previous).

Amiga in a Box(Currently having legal issues with files)

- We will not provide Amiga retail games or Operating System files - 

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