Jennifer - Brutal Gorish Beat Em Up

Fancy playing a beat em up with so much gore, that it should've had an 18+ slapped on it, well check out Jennifer. This is a brutal gorish beat em up using the OpenBOR engine and thanks to
masterderico, you'll be splashing blood all over the place just to amass more and more points!

You step into the life of Jennifer and her demonic madness, you'll be ripping the very life and insides of enemies through a tale of psychosis. She also has a number of moves and plenty of weapons to cause as much damage as possible. Experience the deepest horror of a beat em up!

 "-Cinematic sound effects and music
Ft-Original music theme made only for Jennifer game.
-Play as a demonic and evil character.
-Strong, controversy, deep and psychological story.
-Thematic episodes with environments puzzles.
-Perform fatalities, combos,especial and super moves.
-Several weapons to splat your enemies"


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