The Darkness Within - Another Top Quality fan based Zelda remake

If you thought Zelda: Linked To The Past was a big Zelda Quest, then The Darkness Within, which we are about to show you, is much bigger! Developed by Russ, The Darkness Within is a Zelda like game on a grand scale, that has been in development for two and a half years. This is the sequel to the brilliant Light of the Heavens and not only is it a huge game, but it's also story driven, loaded with features and has two unique characters featuring their own playstyle. If you love Zelda and love Adventure RPG's, then you can't miss out on this free fan based game.

Two years have passed since Link and Rose struck down Dracus and saved the people of Palm Island. Their time since then has been spent traveling the seas, searching for somebody near and dear to Rose. Following a new lead, they return to Palm Island, expecting a fun reunion with friends. What they find instead are ruins, human remains, and an old foe, Lucis, driven to the brink of insanity.  To their relief, they soon find that most of the inhabitants of the island escaped safely. But their savior is none other than Dracus, the foe they thought they struck down two years ago. Claiming to have reformed, Dracus strikes a deal with them: they must team up in order to defeat the now-insane Lucis. With no other option, Link and Rose accept.

So many questions gnaw on their minds though. What's going on? Has Lucis really gone insane, or is something else more sinister at work here? Why did Dracus help all the people of Palm Island? And more importantly, has he really reformed? Can they really trust him?
You'll have to answer that last question yourself.

-2 unique characters, each with their own playstyle.
-Nearly every area from the first game is explorable, albeit they've changed a bit...
-8 main levels
-Fully scripted bosses (save for one)
-Lots of scripted items
-An intense story with three different endings
-And more! 



The Darkness Within is a totally free quest game, in what they call Zelda Classic quests. These are custom "games" built with the Zelda Classic Quest Editor. These quests use Zelda Classic as their engine, but the core is the original Legend of Zelda. Through the ages Zelda Classic has grown to have a massive fan base with new quests all the time with new updates and features. At this point in time, Zelda Classic quests are so customizable, and have so many features, that it can be hard to tell that the core engine is the same as the Legend of Zelda.

When downloading quests, be sure that you have the required version of Zelda Classic which is located here or here. Also make sure to check our previous huge article on other great custom Zelda quests

Game Requires at least ZC 2.50

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