Zelda: Linked To The Past - A Top Quality fan based Zelda remake

Are you ready for another fantastic Zelda quest? As Zelda: Linked To The Past is here to blow you away. Featuring the legendary character himself in some of the best quality graphics of a fan based Zelda game, you'll not want ignore this little gem. Developed by Jamian, he has put a ton of work into the game. You'll enjoy nearly 30 hours of gameplay, with 30 different dungeons, each one with a custom boss and many optional secrets. Some say this is an Adventure, others a JRPG/RPG but this has it all, with plenty of enemies to fight and lots more.

Zelda: Linked To The Past is a totally free quest game, in what they call Zelda Classic quests. These are custom "games" built with the Zelda Classic Quest Editor. These quests use Zelda Classic as their engine, but the core is the original Legend of Zelda. Through the ages Zelda Classic has grown to have a massive fan base with new quests all the time with new updates and features. At this point in time, Zelda Classic quests are so customizable, and have so many features, that it can be hard to tell that the core engine is the same as the Legend of Zelda.

The quest takes influences from several Zelda games but the biggest influence is still Zelda 1.


When downloading quests, be sure that you have at least the version of Zelda Classic which is located here or here. Also make sure to check our previous huge article on other great custom Zelda quests

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