Mars Colonies - Well made Space Strategy/RTS flash game!

Developed by Kendja and artistic work by LeonlDeye is a very well made Flash Based Strategy/RTS called Mars Colonies, which as you expect is all about colonies on Mars. Just the other day I thought to myself what if we had another outpost style game, which was a great title from Sierra, well this may fit that gap until we ever see it's like again. Mars Colonies is all about the building and protecting of your own colonies, with the ability to hire skillful colonists which you must help them to survive mars quakes, dust storms and other threats. This is a damn fine game and even though it's flash based, I'm sure you'll be impressed too!

::Instructions and tips:

* Speed up the game by holding [S] key.

* Review how much energy and water a building needs in pop-up menu when you move cursor on building icon. After placing a new building you need to connect it with energy or water if building need any; make sure to connect power lines and water tubes to the right places on the South-West side of a building. If a building don't have water/energy, the warning icon will appear.

* Hire new colonists via "HIRE" button on the bottom-center of the screen. Colonists need food and oxygen.

* Review colonist's needs in the bottom-right corner by clicking on him. You can change the name or fire the colonist.

* Set up jobs for each colonist at "JOBS" window. It's not necessarily, but can make your colony and colonists more effective.

* Order resources at "ORDER" window. Helpful when you lack of oxygen or food.

* Cancel build mode by pressing ESC.

* Rename your colonists by pressing on their names.

- Added speed up button. Hold [S] to increase game speed;
- Price balancing;

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