Reobirth: Magic's Awakening - Vivid fast-paced action RPG (Kickstarter)

It's a slow news day today, so to give it that little bit of a kick up the rear, we have a new game via Kickstarter to show you. The developer Jon Dibble and soundtrack creator Ben Rawles has just announced (in their words), a Vivid fast-paced action RPG, called Reobirth: Magic's Awakening. The animation in this game looks superb and it also draws inspiration from such memorable classics such as Secret of Mana and Super Metroid. In this game you play as a character in a world of magic and mystery, with intense battles against unique creatures, and big bosses with challenging adventures across strange yet beautiful landscapes.

When Reo, a powerful and devastating form of elemental magic, is unleashed across the greatest expands of the universe, sinister monsters of dark magic begin growing all throughout the galaxy. On earth, humanity is forced to seek refuge by escaping to the Hove, a large man-made airship that valiantly hovers high above the clouds. The privileged and high ranking civilians retreat to the Hove under command of the questionable Emperor Vioz, while the commoners are left on earth to fend for themselves against the growing masses of dark monsters. Two hundred years upon the Hove and the once mighty airship now slowly grazes through the air, desperately seeking restorations: damaged, quickly losing altitude, and seemingly mere moments away from plummeting back down to earth for the Emperor and all passengers to meet their untimely fate: death by Dark Magic monsters.

But in a moment,  a mysterious young boy with aquatic blue hair is seen standing motionless on the deck, mysteriously blending with the darkness of the night. No name, no origin -  stricken with an eerily uncanny silence and a deadpan expression drawn across his pale face.

"Who is this young boy that has slipped aboard?" the passengers whisper, completely perplexed. "There is no entrance to an airship that hovers hundreds of miles in the air!"
And this Reo - such a relentless and destructive force - how did that come to be?

Our adventure begins...
  • Travel across the lands solving puzzles and exploring new regions
  • Fast-paced, intense battling against an impressive array of devious foes
  • Follow an engaging storyline about the truth of the Hove,  the fate of the planet, and the origins of magic as you encounter unique characters and ferocious monsters!
  • Animation created from an exclusive animation engine that allows for procedurally generated and  dynamic 2D animations
  • Create your very own monsters and gear and import them directly into Reobirth, using the included Keprus Motion animation editor. Share your creations with friends!
  • Unleash over 40 powerful spells, ranging from heavy crushing ice storms and sinister dark magic to powerful attack boosters!
  • With the skill upgrade system, your fighter can learn a variety of moves to bring to battle, such as the comet pound and the fire dash.
  • A mixture of RPG elements and intense real time battling. Earn XP and level up, increase your stats, and train your way to victory.
  • Bring two Pons into battle with you - tiny creatures that feed and grow from pure magic. Some Pons are masters of elemental magic, summoning a treacherous fire storm or flooding the arena with poisonous liquids, while others hang back and play defense, temporarily boosting your stats and replenishing HP when you're near death.

The goal for this kickstarter is at $12,500 with 28days to go, so if a Vivid fast-paced action RPG is exactly what you want, then u can do no wrong with Reobirth.



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