Angry Farmer - Lets do some PVP RTS trolling! (Kickstarter)

Classed as the first "troll" social farm game with full pvp, comes a game where you compete against another player in a crazy farming experience. This is Angry Farmers, by developers MadSword. But as you can probably tell by the cover shot, this is no ordinary farming game. Farming collides with fast paced combat and dynamic battles, through the use of strategy and skill experimentation. What also makes this game unique, according to the developers, is unlike other "social" games which you play all by yourself and visit your friends only once per day, in Angry Farmer you can play with your buddies all day long. The colourful design really stands out and add that to the simplicity of the game, it could be a lot of fun!


Two players compete with each other for safekeeping of their crops and land. The farmer who manages to destroy the opponent's field before losing his own is the winner. Although it's a fun for all the family game and probably a good time waster, don't be too surprised if your challenged friends and players want revenge when his/her crops get wiped out. Oh, and you can even gain experience and earn credits to purchase new skills and build your own villa. There's plenty to do here, so watch the video and see everything this game contains!

Although the goal is at $12,000 with 25days to go, the pledges via the Kickstarter are not increasing too much, so lets hope this article gives it that needed boost. I'd certainly play the game that's for sure!

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