Amiga Music: Daxx Compilation ( Earth shattering music list! )

I've listened to some pretty intense tunes in my time, from many different artists using the Amiga or other classic systems, including the C64. But Daxx takes it to a new level, I'd class him as a leader amongst the retro remix music industry. So here it is, this is the Daxx Compilation, using the ProTracker 3.61 on the Amiga. Be warned though, if Techno, Trance, Hardstyle is not your thing then look away now. However he has alot of great Amiga game remixes under his music belt as well! So put your headphones on or your speakers at full blast, it's time to go mental!

Skipped 3 ( too much swearing, not to style either! )

Oh and if you want to know what his Amiga game remixes sound like, then check these out!

An intense C64 Remix of ThunderCats!

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