Whilom: Sins - A 2D Brawler RPG to kick ass! (Kickstarter+Demo)

Game Type : 2D Brawler RPG
Developer/Project By : Gregory Willis Jr
Kickstarter Goal : $25,000
Developer Quote :  Streets of Rage meets Final Fantasy in this 2D Brawler RPG with a stylized anime & comic book aesthetic.
Game Info Quote : In Whilom: Sins you play as Ceon, a government agent sent on a mission to find remnants of a secret order that conducted human experimentation and trafficking. Through out your journey you'll uncover the truths behind The Soulless War, Ceon's afflictions, and why sometimes forgetting the past is the best path. As you control Ceon, you'll have a barrage of moves similar to most brawlers (Beat'em up) in your arsenal. One of the biggest differences in our game mechanics as a brawler, is the action doesn't feel spamy. While completing combos you can unlock special abilities during battle to be used to gain the upper hand on foes. There will be attack delays, where attempting to use the wrong move at the wrong time may end up getting you killed. As a RPG hybrid as well, you will be able to unlock and upgrade abilities, make moral decisions that increase or decrease your chances of success, and more. In Whilom your characters don't automatically "level up". You gain EXP like most RPGs, but how you choose to use that EXP will determine your own personal Ceon.
Release : March 2014
Systems : PC,MAC, LINUX(?),PS3(?)

Kickstarter Link
Alpha Demo Download


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