Crawl - An arcade dungeon crawler full of pixelated action goodness!

Game Genre : Arcade Dungeon Crawler
Developer(s) : Powerhoof
Developer Quote: "A Dungeon-Crawler Where Your Friends Control the Monsters"
Game Info Quote: It’s a very arcadey dungeon crawling beat-em-up where one player controls the “heroic adventurer” and the other three control all the dungeon’s traps and monsters. If you kill the hero, you take his place and it’s your turn to crawl while your friends try to kill you. You can be that skeleton with cutlass or be that rat in basement. Be the irritating flame trap on a wall or be the hulking tentacle boss. The dungeon crawling is semi-roguelike-esque with randomly generated dungeons, loot drops and the obligatory crapload of magic items and weapons, but all the gearing and leveling up happens at the frenetic pace of an arcade cabinet intent to blast you through and spit you out and demand you insert coin again before your slurpee has time to soak through and get the buttons all sticky.
Release : WIP
Systems : PC, Others(?)

  • 4-Player same-screen local multiplayer- when was the last time you got a good dose of that?
  • Loads of monsters with unique attacks and techniques
  • Level-up and evolve into new more powerful creatures
  • Co-op control on bosses- you swing the tentacle while your friend controls the creature’s head
  • Magic items out the wazoo- get a potion of super speed or let your spider sling a haunted axe!

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