Grimoire : Heralds of the Winged Exemplar - RPG Dungeon Crawler, SuperDemo released!

Game Type : Retro Inspired RPG Dungeon Crawler
Developer : Cleveland M. Blakemore
Game Info : Many years ago Grimoire, an RPG Dungeon Crawler was mentioned on a well known forum such as Rpg Codex, however through many promises of a release it started to look like vaporware. The developer Cleveland M. Blakemore has a rather iffy past, thus it's a shame for a such a cool looking retro game to be tainted by one person. Also to note Grimoire should've been released a long time ago, and we had high hopes of a return through indiegogo, but it failed. Thankfully a super demo was in the works and today that super demo has been released for pledgers. Grimoire is a turn-based, 3D, first person perspective roleplaying adventure in 1024x768 256 Color graphics. The style is very similar to that of long since past CRPG's during the time of roleplaying such as the great Eye of the Beholder and Might & Magic.
Release : Now (Demo Only)
Systems : PC

A funny quote from Cleveland himself!

Grimoire Super Demo Download Link
Please note that after installation, the super demo activates your on board webcam and then attempts to match your likeness to the NSA archives at the Echelon facility here in Australia. Failing to find a match to our list of contributors will mean you will immediately be invoiced for a million dollars worth of Amway merchandise that will be dumped on your door, most of it worthless garbage you will never even be able to sell to your own relatives like oversize cans of Crisco and huge bags of yarn fragments. Crawling through waist deep piles of greasy yarn in your living room that become increasingly tangled over the years you will rue the day you downloaded the Grimoire Super Demo without being a contributor. You have been warned.

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