Level 22, Gary's Misadventures - Can you reach the 22nd floor without being seen? (Indiegogo/Steam Greenlight)

Game Type : Action, Adventure
Developer : Noego
Indiegogo : $8,000
Developer Game Quote : In LEVEL 22 you play as Gary, an average office employee. Gary has a bad habit, he is always late at work. The problem is that if it happens again, he will certainly be fired. And guess what, after a night of party, Gary is late again. Your objective: help Gary to reach his desk without being spotted by his colleagues. You are going to run, hide, and think fast if you want to have a chance to reach the LEVEL 22. From the basement to the boss’s office via the research and development labs, explore the zany little universe of LEVEL 22, Gary’s Misadventures.
Systems : PC, Mac, Linux
Release : Early 2014


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