Compilation Turrican Trilogy - A historic Platform Shooter series, free! (Pc Playable)

Game Type : Action, Platformer, Shooter
Amiga Launcher Developer : The 
Original Amiga Developer : Factor 5(Amiga)
Game Info : Welcome to an all time classic game, a historic game if you will. A game that is set in the heart of millions of Retro fans across the world. Welcome to Turrican, which was originally programmed and designed by Manfred Trenz (1989/90). It also first came out on the C64, and then appeared on a multitude of systems under different developers, such as, Factor 5(Amiga). You are Turrican, a warrior, bio-engineered for the task of planetary reclamation. To return to The lost colony of Alterra and defeat the MORGUL while fighting it's many hostile creatures. This series of games had the most awesome of sound tracks by Chris Hülsbeck, which are still being remixed today. It also had, not just brilliant action based shooting (with a weapon that fired in different ways), but also some of the best looking platform scenery. I won't go into to much detail in this, as if I get it wrong, I'll be linched by the many Turrican fans! Suffice to say, you just have to play it. What's more, this isn't just the first Turrican for you to try, but Turrican 2 and Turrican 3. Thanks to The the Amiga version has been released/updated to version 2.6 so you can now play this on your PC with higher graphical filters
Release : Available now, Free
Systems : PC


C64 version for comparison

All of these Amiga versions (2.6) contain high quality filters for your PC and all you have to do is download, run the exe and press F12 in game for extra settings. The software is based on the original rom file and remastered through an emulator in a single exe.  You may get a Virus Warning through low quality virus checkers, it's a false positive!
 Turrican fan based remake ( Hurrican )

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