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As you well know, this site is very much based on both the Indie and Retro side of gaming goodness, especially with my era going back to the 80's. Well just recently, I was checking through some of the best Youtubers, looking for some great hardware reviews of Retro systems. Well sure enough I found them, and although I don't usually plug other peoples views, this comes as an exception. I never had a C64, nor did I have a ZX Spectrum, but I did have an Amstrad cpc 464 and then onto an Amiga. There is something missing nowadays, as when I was a kid, there was complete excitement just going into a store and buying the latest magazine or seeing rows and rows of tapes at just £2.99. Or the large Amiga boxes full of colour, lots of floppies and spin wheels donating the games anti-protection. Such good times, such awesome games.... So if you are looking to buy a Retro computer system, either an 8bit or 16/32bit then enjoy the videos below!

Commodore C64

BBC Micro

ZX Spectrum

Atari V Amiga

Amiga 500

Amiga 600

Amiga 1200

I could list them all but I'd be here all day, these are just some of the ones that come as highly recommended. Oh and before I sign off, did you have any of these systems? Which one did you prefer? Do you still have any?

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