Top 50 cRPGs by RPG Codex - Drool at the massive list of highly voted RPG listings!

Here on Indie Retro News this is the first time I've posted about another site that votes on games but this is well worth checking out. Through a massive list of classic RPG's (depending on your age), RPG codex have gone through them and given us their top 50! RPG Codex have also listed even further ones that didn't make it into the top 50 but pushed into a runner up listing. As they describe - This year, a record-breaking 234 bros & sis took part in the voting, where each would have 25 points to distribute among what they believed are the best cRPGs ever. Exactly 5,945 points where distribute between 223 computer RPGs (no console exclusives were allowed), ranging from Temple of Apshai - released in 1979 -, to Heroine's Quest - released in 2013. Overall, 34 years of glorious incline.

So check out the list, go all nostalgia and let us know if you agree or disagree with this list :)

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  1. The top ten is really good. I was surprised to see KOTOR II so high in the list (higher than the first one), I thought it had a pretty bad opinion. Also looks like Mass Effect doesn't get love from the hardcore people : ) Too mainstream I suppose.

  2. I'm not a fan of Planescape Torment or Arcanum but it was nice to see BG2 high up the list which is so well deserved! Also no love for Eye of the Beholder which is frankly shocking, but saying that it is RPG Codex and they do love their Might and Magic series ;)


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