Atari in the 21st Century

One thing is certain, if you are reading this, you have heard of Atari. The granddaddy of gaming, where it all started many years ago. Fast forward into the 21st century and Atari as we used to know it no longer exists, having been bought out and sold more times than Pac-man has gobbled yellow dots. Now they exist as a publisher, just a name to add a touch of Panache to a game cover. Just because Atari as a company died, it's fan base certainly lived to tell a tale or two. The two main classic consoles 2600 and 7800 are being given a whole new lease of life by "bedroom" programmers all over the world.

Why? Well to put it simply, because Atari games are great! Simple, addictive and above all fun. Not a million miles away from today's mobile and Android games market. So just what is out there for the discerning Atari owner? You are spoilt for choice, whether a 2600 fanboy or a 7800 fanatic, one word AtariAge.

Yep, AtariAge, a website and store dedicated to all things Atari. From the 2600 to the ill fated Jaguar. Every machine made by atari has it's own support groups there.

Many games from developers are on sale, some of which show just what the little 2600 is capable of. There has even been Halo 2600 and a fantastic Mario clone called Princess rescue, although sadly Nintendo being the behemoth that they are, pulled the plug on physical cartridges. There is even a version of Sonic the Hedgehog making it's spiky way onto the 2600, as is a remake of Donkey Kong for the 2600, with greatly improved graphics and animations.

The 7800 is not left out either, with some sterling efforts from Bob DeCrescenzo . 

So many more games are in the mix here, new ones pop up almost daily. I really think that Atari games are a great way to get into or to return to retro gaming. Go ahead, take a look,you will love it. Sore palms and blisters on the fingers at the ready, joysticks away!

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