Coming Soon To Steam: Side-Scrolling Adventure 'Viktor'

Atlanta-based Indie games developer Shorebound Studios is readying themselves for their newest release on popular gaming platform Steam, a game they describe as being a 2D side-scrolling platformer inspired by the likes of the original Castlevanias.

The plot synopsis for Viktor states
"Viktor’s story begins in Eos, a world divided by two realms: the Overworld and the Netherworld. The fragile balance between these two realms is suddenly shattered when Mephistopheles, the power-hungry leader of the Netherworld, lays siege to Overworld. After suffering betrayal within the legion, Zane, the leader of the Overworld, must turn to Viktor as his last hope."
From this we can see that the game gets its name from the character that we are playing, a hero who's mission it would appear is to restore balance between "Overworld" and "Netherworld" by fighting his way through to the Netherworld to defeat their evil leader.

Gameplay does indeed seem very reminiscent of a lot of the old classics that we at Indie Retro News and I am sure many of our readers, enjoy, and the graphics look crisp and colourful.

Reviews from fans and reviewers are very mixed for the prior two releases Dead Sky and Spectraball on Steam, but I am fairly confident in this new game. The Studio states on their website that
"We want to give our players enjoyable, worthwhile experiences. If we can do that with just one of our games in the midst of the metaphorical ocean of titles that saturate the market today, we will have met our goal."
I hope that for them, this is the game that helps them reach that goal.

There is no exact release date as yet, nor system requirements, nor a price, but you can follow the games company on their FaceBook and Twitter for regular updates as-and-when they happen. So far all we have is "June 2014".

Article by Illisia A

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