Lawless Legends - New Apple ][ / Commodore 64 CRPG currently in development

Lawless Legends is a new wild western style computer role playing game, that is being developed for the Apple ][, Commodore 64, and other more modern platforms.

While the project is still in its infancy, one can expect all the usual suspects in this western RPG; Cutthroats and thieves, gamblers risking their life savings on a card game, barkeeps pouring drinks to the drunkards, loose women cavorting with the men at the saloons, and the occasional lawman who tries to keep the wild west from turning into complete chaos.

According to the Lawless Legends Github..."The primary goal for this open-source project is to build out game creation tools and hopefully the majority of a usable game engine that can be used in conjunction with the tools to build a playable RPG game. By being open-source, we are saying you are free to build your own games with these tools and distribute those games as you see fit."

Take a ride on the Lawless Legends train, but watch out for unsavory types. This is the wild west. Bring your guns and horses, and don't forget your hat.

Lawless Legends on Facebook
Lawless Legends on Twitter

Check out the Lawless Legends on Github for information on how you (Yes, You) can get involved.
Lawless Legends on Github

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