Deadstone - Action packed shooter gets a Steam Greenlight campaign

TimeSlip Softworks have just informed us that their action packed 2D combat and tower defence game, Deadstone is ready for your votes via a Steam Greenlight campaign. If you're into top down based shooters then you are in for a treat with Deadstone, as it features 50 blasting levels of fire fights against hordes of infected monsters. Not just that but you will also need strategic planning through the use of defensive hardware placement, resource management and character skill development. Assume the role of Blake as he stops the infected from killing every last colonist, do you have what it takes or will you and everyone else succumb to the infected? Available for PC & Mac June 2014

Features :

  • Frantic Combat

Experience nerve wracking battles with an insidious, unrelenting foe across 50 levels, on the most hostile frontier man has ever dared to set foot on: Mars. Battle the infected in three distinct mission types: Patrol, Arena, and Colonist Rescue.

  • Protect the Colony

Devise a strategy and deploy defences before each patrol. Choose from 4 turrets and lay mines to create a defensive screen between the colonists and the infected. Upgrade your turrets’ stats, and research completely new abilities for them, such as the Kinetic Thumper, which releases recoil energy into a shockwave to push infected back.

  • Recruit a Friend

Experience the full single player campaign with a buddy in local coop.

  • Play your way

Develop the ultimate fighter with the unfortunately acronymed S.C.A.M. (Speed, Constitution, Accuracy, Mechanics) system, which is comprised of 4 primary stats, 11 secondary stats, and over 40 perks.

  • Tools of the Trade

Spend your hard earned credits expanding your arsenal. Choose from 16 upgradable weapons from 4 classes: pistol, shotgun, automatic, precision, and complement your selection with 5 equipment types, including flares, explosives, and armor.

  • Face an Evolving Enemy

Learn how to effectively combat 6 different enemies, including the soldier, commander, and the fearsome phase shambler. Contend with an enemy that attacks under the cover of night and dust storm, and even burrows under the surface to ambush you.

  • Twin Tales

Experience two engaging stories, or play without if you’re just here for the action. Choose between a straight up survival narrative and a lighter, farcical take on the story.

  • Fight to Win

Compete on online leaderboards for the top spot.

  • Casual to Hardcore

Deadstone has 5 difficulty settings, to accommodate varying levels of skill.

Steam Greenlight page

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