SNES-inspired Boss Battle Game Needs Your Thumbs Up!

Brazil-based indie games developer Pidroh has created a game that can be positively described as a love letter to the days of frustratingly difficult yet highly enjoyable gaming. Daily Espada is currently available directly from their website, Indie Game Stand and through Desura for PC, Linux and OSX (Mac), and creator Pedro hopes that you will help put his game on the main Marketplace by giving it a big thumbs up "Yes" on Greenlight.

What makes this game most unique is its basis in Brazilian mythology. The titular word, "Espada" literally translates from Spanish as "swordsman" or "sword bearer", and rightly so given how the gameplay consists of one man and his sword against many powerful enemies. There is also an ability to transform into a more powerful, costumed character with superpowers in the traditional Japenese anime, computer game, Power Ranger style.
"I wanted to create a game that paid homage to my own country: Brazil. So the monsters are inspired by Brazilian culture and history, with my own spin put on it." - creator and one-man-army, Pedro Gabriel Fonteles Furtado
The main character is a family man who chooses to battle against these Bosses in a reality television show in order to make a better life for his family, who send him letters as you progress through the game. "Not everything is as it seems, though" states the plot synopsis, suggesting that there is more to the story than meets the eye.

Creator Pedro states with passion on his website that he "love[s] Monster Hunter skill-based battles", reminiscing by saying "That feeling when you defeat a powerful monster that just killed you 10 times is just amazing and I did my best to recreate it in 2D".

Pedro [Gabriel Fonteles Furtado] is what I can only describe as a "one-man-army", listing his credits for the game as being "Programmer, Designer, Artist [and], partial sound designer", making him responsible for almost every aspect of the game; a rare achievement indeed.

Gameplay Video:

Fans have stated that they are impressed at how the game has progressed, praising improvements in graphics and soundtrack from earlier versions of the game.

With our help Greenlighting and purchasing his game, he can afford to make even further improvements on this game, and hopefully make others.

So, visit the Greenlight Community website for this game, read more about it, watch the trailer, see what other players have to say, and if you like what you see, be sure to click the "Yes" button underneath the video and share, share, share (!) to encourage your friends to do the same.

Ps. I hope if it gets the Greenlight it has Achievements! ;-)

Article by Illisia Adams

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