Bit Wars - Browser based turn-based strategy with a cool soundtrack

We don't often get turn based strategy games that are enjoyable to play in your browser, but it when it comes to Bit Wars, by Krzysztof Jankowski that's an exception. You control a selective army on one side of the screen and must reach the other side before the enemy AI reaches yours. Bit Wars is pretty difficult as it takes skill and tactics to have the right unit in place to face the opposing enemy moving your way. If for example you have a tank and the enemy has a soldier, you win and can move on. The landscape can also be moved to your advantage for example : want to keep your units back, then place a rock in front. Featuring a great soundtrack, cool retro style graphics and lots of strategic thinking, Bit Wars is a fantastic free game that you really have to play.

Features :
  • turn-based strategy
  • puzzle easy to start, hard to master
  • you control terrain not units
  • 16 colors, 16 pixels wide sprites
  • local multiplayer
  • lot of fun!

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