WinUAE 2.8.1 - The latest Amiga emulator release!

It's with great retro excitement to announce that the best Amiga emulator WinUAE, has once again had another final version release. Through many beta releases and only a recent 2.8.0 version we are now at a stable build of WinUAE 2.8.1. Thanks to Toni Wilen who never stops working, he has fixed many bugs, added new features and even put in some improvements over the previous version. As such I highly recommend all Amiga players to update to 2.8.1! Read on for the changelog.

2.8.0 bugs fixed:

- JIT on/off on the fly switching was unreliable.
- A500 reading write-only/non-existing registers method introduced in 2.8.0 was incorrectly also used in AGA modes.


- Fast CPU mode audio DMA wait hack compatibility improved (workaround for programs that use CPU delay loops in audio code)
- Some chipset emulation updates, Critical Mass / Parallax finally works.
- AROS ROM updated.

New features:

- Directory filesystem MorphOS compatible >4G file size DOS packet support.
- Paths panel relative path mode now supports relative paths that point outside of winuae root directory.

Bug fixes:

- Filter modes in DirectDraw crashed in some situations.
- Disk insert using GUI after emulation was started inserted disk in write protected state.
- Quickstart disk eject button was unreliable.
- Video recording with "Capture before filtering" unticked used wrong video size.
- "Toggle between mouse grabbed and un-grabbed" input event fixed.

And more...

Download WinUAE 2.8.1 [installer] [zip-archive]

- Reference from our other article -

Another great alternative if you have the games and system files is FS-UAE which is a pretty damn awesome frontend that uses WinUAE at it's core. They also have a game database which you need to register for, which shares everyone else's working configuration files for easy Amiga game loading. You may also be interested to know that I've provided the means to play Eye of the Beholder 1 and 2 through FS-UAE which you can read here

Also available are easy to install OS packages which again you may need certain legal files, but there is nothing more satisfying than having an Amiga OS running through an emulator. Further more, you can make separate installs of WinUAE by making a WinUAE.ini file in the same directory as WinUAE.exe. However make sure when you update, that you delete everything in the WinUAE.ini file(back up previous).

Amiga OS(ClassicWB)

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