Dark Force : Redux - The latest shoot em up to appear on the C64

I haven't posted any C64 releases lately and that is about to change because here is the "Dark Force Redux " from The New Dimension. A new C64 shoot em up where your mission is to fly through 3 sectors, destroy 20 generators and take out all the enemy waves coming your way! The story goes that it's the year 2173 and war has broken out across the solar system and it's down to you to defend yourself against The Cygons and their Allies. Dark Force is a great little retro shoot em up that features wicked graphics and a great soundtrack!

Programming: Richard Bayliss (Enhancements and front end), Alf Yngve (Created using SEUCK)
Graphics: Richard Bayliss, Alf Yngve, Johan Janssen
Music: Richard Bayliss
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up SEUCK
Tape Loader: Martin Pipe


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  1. I read that as Dark Forces and got me excited. :(


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