Karma Incarnation 1 - AuraLab announces a fantastic adventure with plenty of karma!

I'm not sure if you believe in Karma which is basically if you do something good or bad, the same will happen back to you, but Karma Incarnation 1, from the developers AuraLab gives you that Karma like experience in a world of creativity and surrealism. An adventure game where you play as Pip, who is incarnated in the form of a cute-yet-brutal worm, that changes his appearance based on the actions of your choices, good or evil. So do bad things and your little fellow turns into a predatory creature with big teeth and nasty spikes, ooerr!

Pip can also talk to many of the objects in front of him including the flowers, stones and other strange creatures across the lands, but again choose wisely as alternative ways of progressing through quests: by being good or evil, the player can open additional storylines as they progress! So if you end up being a nasty beast, other key characters may react back in not a nice way, hence Karma.

Furthermore Karma Incarnation 1 contains no text dialogue, is an icon based story driven experience that changes based on your play style. Your little character can also access Astral Vision, which allows him to perceive the spirit world, of which he can find additional creatures and extra hints to complete quests.

Karma Incarnation 1 is looking to be a creatively fantastic game, with well thought out ideas, great humour and puzzles that brings new good and evil based choices to the Adventure genre. If I was this beast, I'd probably be a big spikey demon with gnashing teeth!

The developers are currently running an Indiegogo campaign with charity support, and also hope for your thumbs up through Steam Greenlight.



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