WinUAE 2.8.2 beta 4 - CD32 FMV edition gets a beta update!

It seems as if the first beta of WinUAE 2.8.1 was pretty popular especially through the social network as it featured the latest addition of the CD32 FMV, which enabled full motion video through CD32 based titles. But as is the case with betas they need improving further, so today Toni Wilen has released the latest beta build of WinUAE 2.8.2 beta 4 that has even more bug fixes. For those that don't know what WinUAE is, it's an Amiga emulator that works on the PC, which enables you to play Amiga games and set up Amiga operating systems, especially useful for internal CF Amiga hardware. Read on for the change log!

- Added Blizzard 1230-IV and Blizzard 1260 board options. Do not use if you only want to run WB and other programs, it is not JIT direct compatible due to memory address space aliasing. Only emulates memory layout (which is Blizzard unique), matching CPU is not 100% required if you want to try weird configs. Map ROM is also emulated, old map rom checkbox in ROM panel enables Blizzard hardware maprom if Blizzard board is selected. Requires matching Blizzard flash ROM images. (Only difference between 1230IV and 1240/1260 is slightly different boot rom, hardware ram addresses appear to be exact same) Mostly useless, mainly meant to help development and testing. (Useful for aros m68k testing for me at least)
- Added Warp Engine board emulation (It has already emulated 53C710 SCSI), autoconfig works, ROM code runs, SCSI (53C710) does not work yet, not yet sure how jumpers are mapped to board address space.
- Really fixed CD32 data track checks. (CD32 Commodore Demo Disc 2.0 MPEG tracks)
- Disk Swapper panel drag'n'drop or file dialog multiselect mangled file names strangely.
- Added A590 XT drive emulation. A590 emulation is now complete  WARNING: XT drives use real physical CHS geometry, don't attempt to use hardfiles formatted using other controller, it won't work in real world. (Emulation includes work around hack) Largest XT drive was 40M and protocol max limit is 511 cylinders, 15 heads and 63 sectors = ~235M. Both SCSI and XT drive can be active at the same time in same controller. Interesting fact about ROM xt.device: It uses WD33C93 Translate Address command to convert LBA to CHS which means WD33C93 chip needs to be inserted and working or XT (which has nothing to with SCSI) port won't work.
- Fixed A590/A2091 SCSI emulation crash if SCSI ID was non-zero.
- Z3 autoconfig was broken (b1).
- Serial port data rate register (SERPER) was not saved correctly to statefile.
- Serial port transmit interrupt and transmit related status bits are now more accurately timed in cycle-exact CPU modes. (If some software really cares, probably not)
- Inter-process serial port emulation added, when selected, automatically creates virtual null modem cable between two winuae processes. Uses shared memory, no latency. (Says "Master" in serial port selection menu if WinUAE instance created shared memory and "Slave" if shared memory was already created by some other instance. If nothing = something failed)
- Added support for short text messages, appears in OSD bar's unused space and windowed mode bottom bar. Currently only shows disk image eject/insert and input device autoswitch information. OSD messages won't appear in following configurations: native mode + DirectDraw + no filter and RTG mode + DirectDraw. (In DirectDraw mode status bar is drawn directly to target surface, erasing gets annoying because it should not be read. In D3D mode it is another texture, hardware does the rest)
- Added remove all button to Disk Swapper panel.
- Game controllers can be now optionally kept active when winuae window is not active or minimized.

Beta 4 is located here, however the developer has recently released a quick hotfix that is recommend to be installed over Beta 4

If you wish to test this version out, remember to make it a portable edition in another folder by creating a new blank WinUAE.ini file as not to screw over the previous final.

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