Ambermoon - Incredible classic RPG - Amiga HD install ready!

After much nagging by myself, Ambermoon is now available in an easily playable HD package for your Amiga. Originally released in 1993 for the Amiga by Thalion Software, Ambermoon was the second part of an unfinished trilogy and sequel to Amberstar that was only released in Germany. In was an incredible RPG for it's time, and featured 3D graphics that were considered revolutionary for the Amiga, but sadly for the company it couldn't save them from collapse.

For those like myself that don't understand German, in 1998 the last beta of the English version by a1exh was released through the Thalion Webshrine, yet it still took some doing to copy over the files, unpack the DM, copy over the patches, install and so on. The good news today is, Barry has uploaded to the Zone Ambermoon 1.07 + Meynafs Patch applied that's both HD Installed that can just be unpacked and played!

It really is that simple to enjoy, just unpack the Amiga zip file on an Amiga or through WinUAE to a gaming directory and run the game. With a brilliant mix of 2D and 3D graphics, Ambermoon is an incredible classic that can finally be enjoyed by everyone. If you haven't played this, you are seriously missing out

Download through The Zone

Updated Mirror 2017 ( Download ) ( Latest file provided just needs to be unpacked to an Amiga directory in OS emulated or real HD )

Original beta release


  1. As much as I'm happy to see this here, I very much doubt that you have the permission by the current rights holder. Am I right?

  2. It was made freely available by Thalion Software some time ago as was Amberstar, so you are not correct :)

  3. Thalion doesn't hold the rights anymore.

  4. Or to make it clearer. Thalion went bankrupt. The rights were sold. Then transferred again.

  5. The rights to Ambermoon were last owned by Computec Verlag.

  6. The same goes for Amberstar. The Thalion Webshrine is a fan made website with no permission to publish any Thalion titles except Trex Warrior which was released PD by EMAP publishing.


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