Hard West - Turn based combat and world exploration gets a Kickstarter

PlayWay, who are the recent Kickstarter success developers of The Way, are now publishing an awesome looking Kickstarter of a new game, developed by CreativeForge Games titled Hard West. A completely different style of game awaits you in Hard West, as it features both tactical turn based squad control, an adventurous world exploration set in a Wild West theme and a touch of RPG.

For the Wild West fan, Hard West has some pretty impressive additions to the combat tactical genre, as you can use objects to your advantage such as knocking over tables or placing yourself behind newly placed cover for a well placed shot. Another brilliant feature which I really like the sound of, is being able to do tricks like the Wild West films of old, such as ricochets and curving bullet trajectory! You can even spot shadows of your enemies or use shadows to your advantage, just awesome. The developers do mention that fights are usually over pretty quickly, being all bloody and intense they usually didn't hug and hand over flowers in a battle.

But what is a game if it only has just combat, so not to worry as CreativeForge Games have mentioned the world is packed with adventures, stories, treasures, hideouts, mysteries, secrets and surprises, so plenty to keep the gamer going... That's if you can survive that long!

With a lovely Wild West world map in the style of Heroes of Magic, and a combat style of that of X-Com. Hard West is looking to be another winner from both Play Way and Call of Juarez, Hard Reset creators CreativeForge Games.

Here's the basic list of features that will be included in the game, if they reach the goal:

  • 6 scenarios - at least 1 hour of game play each, some endless. 3 of the scenarios have been fully prototyped, include at least 5 tactical encounters each, are completely playable and passable.
  • World map - implemented and tested. The way it’s implemented allows the designers (and some of our lucky backers) almost infinite possibilities in terms of what events and options can be achieved in exploration.
  • Shadow cloak ability - If in thick shadow, character can become invisible for the enemies. Some characters will be able to move within the shadow without becoming visible.
  • Blinding sun - depending on the sun angle, shadows and character direction, he may be blinded by the sun.
  • Shadow spotting - enemies that are not visible/spotted will cast shadows nevertheless. Shadows will be registered as spotted targets and displayed on hud.
  • Creating cover - some objects can be turned over to create cover.
  • Manual targeting and ricochets - player can select to target manually and bounce the bullets off metal objects. Shotgun ricochet results in an area of effect damage around the object instead.
  • Bribing - some enemies will positively react to a satchel of coins thrown their way; depending on the amount and their loyalty, they can flee or even switch sides.
  • Wound system - wounds cripple characters temporarily, but pain makes them stronger. Heal them right away using mixtures, doctors and shamans, or withstand the pain. Survived wounds are forged into permanent perks.
  • Character development - this is a major topic for us, so stay tuned for a detailed design.
  • Stealth stage - the combat encounters will be preceded by a stage where enemies are not yet alarmed and there are several stealth mechanics accompanying - sound, shadow, distance, disguise and so on.
  • Gunpoint ability - allows for locking on an enemy; when the enemy moves the shot is discharged.

The developers are aiming for a $70,000 goal and still have 26 days to go, so if you want to play this on your PC, you know what to do!

Kickstarter Page

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