Lancelot's Hangover - A free Adventure in a Monty Python theme

This is probably the craziest game I've seen these last few years! As declerfayt has released the latest beta for Lancelot's Hangover, which is a point and click Adventure game with an usual style. For those of you that have seen Monty Python, with it's weird humor and wacky artistic style then you should give Lancelot's hangover a go! You'll also be pleased to know that this oddball of an adventure has great dialogues and funny puzzles for you to complete.

Story : After a 10-year quest, Lancelot and his fellow Gawain have found the Holy Grail! Immediately informed, King Arthur runs to meet the most valiant knights of the Round Table. While their king brings them fortune and fame, Lancelot and Gawain celebrate their victory over a few beers. The next morning, Lancelot wakes up in his underwear in a gay bar. The keeper tells him that he has lost the Holy Grail playing cards and Gawain has been kidnapped by environmental activists. If he does not want to be killed by Arthur, Lancelot has to get back the Grail and his companion in arms before the king of Britain discovers what happened.

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