Castle Wear - The smallest Dungeon Crawler yet?

I have a lot of experience when it comes down to dungeon crawlers, from moving in a grid based system while fighting enemies to solving puzzles and finding hidden secrets. But when I saw Castle Wear, it's a dungeon crawler style that I was not expecting. Castle Wear is possibly the smallest resolution dungeon crawler I think I've seen. It's so small that it's playable on an Android Wear, Sony Smart Watch and other capable Android device.

Play "Castle Wear" on your Android Wear, Sony SmartWatch and Android device.
Tired of games like snake or tic-tac-toe on your smartwatch? "Castle Wear" is an old-school persistent turn-based role-playing game influenced by heroic fantasy, currently in alpha stage development.


• Custom character creation, 8 classes (e.g. Cleric), 5 different races (e.g. Elf), gold, exp and many attributes
• 50 unique spells split into Mage and Cleric categories, divided into 7 levels of power and varying effects
• Hundred of items and hundred of monsters
• Few NPC available (e.g. Trading center, Temple)
• An underground textured 3D maze (raycasting) with several levels infested of monsters
• A turn-by-turn combat system allowing various actions per member
• Non persistent auto-map


• Better UI, better performance
• Cloud save integration, quest system, achievements and rewards
• Real-time multi-player battle mode (fight your friends)
• Cheat mode
• Procedural random generation of certain levels/zones
• More chapters for the story
• Message/Dialog/Text system
• Multi-class mode (fighter-mage, paladin, rogue and archbishop)
• Refined alignment system
• More classes, spells, sprites, settings, etc
• Translations
• Bestiary, weaponry
• Mini manual
• Bug fixes

For only £1.49 with neat graphics and to be able to play a game like this on something small as a watch is mighty impressive. What's more, so far the reviews are pretty favourable.

Available to buy on the Google store

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