Reprisal Universe - A godly game inspired by Populous

This is Reprisal Universe, a godly game inspired by Populous in which you follow the plight of Thallos as he travels to distant shores reprising his people and gathering the ten lost Amulets of his tribes. Using special totem powers to change the land and lead your followers to victory over the enemy forces by any means possible. With lovely tilt-shift style graphics and strategic game play, you have the ultimate power in your hands as you explore over 32 planets with uncharted lands, to spread your influence and destroy all who stand in your way.

Reprisal Universe is almost like a reboot of the original Reprisal and most of the enjoyment comes about in the power at your disposal. From raising the sea water level to drowning people, burning the land with raging fire, bringing down a bolt of lightning to strike the earth, and commanding meteor showers to destroy an entire civilization in an instant.

It's both highly addictive, fun, challenging and above all a top recommended game at a great price.

Features : 

- A Universe of 32 planets to explore and discover with over 180 islands
- New game types, collect Amulets, Relics, XP and Legacy
- Allows you to leave a 'Legacy' on islands for other player to play
- It's like a 'Passive MMO' Very Happy
- Graphics have all be redone with 8 frame animation, with 10 planet types
- 5 new Wonder totems have been added
- The 15 totems can now be upgraded in Class
- Big overhaul in the code generally (AI etc)
- PC, Mac

Available on GOG for only £4.39 -27%

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