Kraden's Krypt - Action packed Dungeon Crawler for Kickstarter + Pre-Alpha Demo!

Kraden's krypt is a brand new game by Wisewonky on dungeon exploring in a very 'binding of Isaac' kind of way. Currently going through both a Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight campaign, the developers state that this action packed title with an emphasis on physics based combat, will feature up to three players whose objective is to escape the crypt. Along the way you'll explore several floors consisting of randomly selected, handcrafted rooms filled with a variety enemies and hazards."

My short pre-alpha play through :

With what felt like randomly generated rooms and a decent difficulty curve, by the time I had found my second spell I had a room filled with skeletons, slimes and Pig-men! I was able to try out my new spell on one opponent before I was completely destroyed. Trust me to throw the only decent sword I had away.

The gameplay is simple to learn but damn hard to master, you use your mouse to swing weapons and to aim spells. Although it sounds simple at first, when you're being attacked your instincts kick in and you mash the mouse, swinging too fast to do any damage or missing your spells/bow.

Id certainly suggest trying out the pre-alpha 0.15 demo, it's well polished for a pre-alpha and allows you to test out the mechanics to see if you like them or not.


  • Heavily animated 2D graphics.
  • Player controlled momentum: Attacks require more than just pressing a button.
  • Single player, couch and online co-op multiplayer.
  • A large variety of monsters and bosses.
  • Handcrafted rooms; randomly built levels."

With great cartoony graphics, great dungeon crawling action and a fun yet difficult to master pre-alpha demo, I'm looking forward to mashing some menacing beasts with a Kickstarter success!

Website, Download latest version, Alternate download.


Steam Greenlight Page

Article by David G

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