Warlocks - 16-bit style multiplayer brawler gets a kickstarter campaign

There is some absolutely stunning stuff coming out of Poland these days and game studio One More Level are showing an awesome looking multiplayer 2D side scrolling brawler which is like Super Smash Bros on Steroids, Speed and Acid all at the once, with a graphic style that will have fans of 2D pixel art picking their jaws off the floor in short order.

Warlocks is essentially the sequel to designer Dushan Chaciej's gameplay experiment Risk of Death, after lots of positive feedback. The gameplay is frantic as you lead your band of warlocks through Swampland, Wasteland and Greenfields (all dripping with atmosphere and with 3 more environments to come) battling shadow world foes with an arsenal of different magical weapons, all dependant on progress and the individual warlock character. With both co-op and versus modes in multiplayer, the whole experience feels complete despite there still needing a lot of work to be done.

Normally I'll insert a few of the screenshots and animations from the press info, but I honestly don't want to ruin the surprise too much as there's just so much of it. But without a doubt, the most impressive feature about warlocks is that programmer Max Strzelecki has worked entirely without arms, doing all the coding work with his feet! As a coder myself, I salute you Max!

If ever there was a "SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!" moment, this has to be it.

So what are you doing? Go help Warlocks get funded! Go on... Shoo.
Greenlight (already lit)
One More Life Website
Website demo

-Alistair Brugsch

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