DustBowl: A Wasteland Adventure - A Post Apocalyptic Point and Click nears completion

Mmmmm. Pixelly post apocalyptic RPG's are a firm favourite here at Indie Retro News towers, and you may remember back in June us featuring Sheltered a family survival game. Well IndieDB and Adventure Game Studio user PixelIncognito is bringing us his take on the grim game genre with Dustbowl - A Wasteland Adventure.
The world is a desolate place, humanity is in a transition from life to extinction as those that lived through the events cling onto the threads of survival. The world is a dead, dusty landscape filled with ghosts and spectres, of smashed cities and dried oceans. The surface is a symbol of what has been lost.
The dustbowl is an 6-mile crater surrounded by earth the size of mountains, legend has circulated around this strange place that a great treasure is in it’s centre or an abandoned alien weapon. Many have tried to reach the dustbowl but none have succeeded. It is not just the impassable terrain that makes it impossible to reach but a strange radiation that boils anything it touches

Dev Blog Video 2 - Indie DB


  • A unique turn based combat system - Get ready for fast paced retro combat like you've never seen before. Use special items to change the odds and equip powerful weapons to get the upper-hand. %90 Complete
  • Full inventory management - stackable items and a full .Kg weight system. %100 complete
  • Hunger and Thirst system - Keep your stomach full with food and drink adding depth to your wasteland survival. %100 Complete
  • Armour up! - Armour updates your look in game!
  • Point'n'Click! - It wouldn't be an AGS experience without the solid point & Click system with dialogue trees and solve puzzles out in the field and also in the underbelly of your home.
  • Status Effects - Get sick! Bleed out! Get Poisoned! Suffer fatigue! Combat and the environment are both deadly things: from radioactive dust to brutal combat damage; make sure you have the gear to survive! %30 Complete
  • Rogue Trader - Find items, and buy, sell and search the wastes for fortune and glory! Or die trying %50 Complete
  • Assignments, Sidequests & puzzles - deal with characters that live in the shadows as a mercenary and complete assignments for the Hub as a militia member.
  • Hardcore enough? - Play the game with a permadeath option.

Pixel Incognito hopes to have DustBowl ready early next year, so check out the game's progress at:
The dev log on the AGS forums
and on IndieDB:
Dustbowl - A Wasteland Adventure



  1. This looks really cool, can't wait! AGS keeps surprising me and makes me rethink my issues with it!

  2. Agreed! Thanks to AGS and the creators we've had some very nice Adventure titles indeed and even other genres


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