Mighty Retro Zero - Seriously awesome mash up shooter (Top Pick!)

Take a pinch of a shooter, a touch of pixels and mash it all up with some of the greatest hits and you have Mighty Retro Zero; a seriously awesome mash up shooter by Kronbits (Davit Masia). First mentioned by us last month, this retro awesomeness has had an alpha update and damn does it look good!

Mighty Retro Zero has everything an 8bit retro pixelated gamer could want in an action shooter, it is chaotic with firepower going off in all directions and a damn good nod to classic games such as Arkanoid, Pang, Metroid and Portal. It even has references to games such as The Secret of Monkey Island and Day of the Tentacle, bloody crazy but we love it!

But putting the references aside, according to the developer it is a minimalistic shooting game where you control a tiny player like megaman all through a multitude of modes, such as retro levels (Arkanoid), Time Attack/Puzzle and Platforming antics.


  • Great and addictive levels based on the old greatest hits.
  • Funny encounters with your best characters of all the time.
  • Portals and Jetpacks! :O
  • Launch arrows that stuck on walls to walk/jump over them!.
  • Carry/Push/Hit and launch blocks that can destroy enemies.
  • All the bugs I'm sure you will find in the game.

So yes, certainly a top pick from Indie Retro News, but the big question remains, can you handle it?

Available in development from the Website ( For free but you can name your own price! ) and the game also needs your Steam Greenlight votes!

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