Nubarron: The adventure of an unlucky gnome - Gets a beautiful Kickstarter campaign

Oh for an unlucky Gnome to live in an area of peace and beauty, only to lose his lucky hat and be replaced by a menacing cloud with more than just rain to dampen his day! But that's basically how the story begins with this latest Kickstarter of "Nubarron: The Adventure of an unlucky Gnore", a gorgeous eye opening puzzle platformer from nastycloud.

Nubarron is a 2D puzzle platformer full of strange and yet mystical beasts with breath taking landscapes that come alive and told through a fairytale story with a dramatic twist. Through this story of wonder you'll have your very own menacing companion the cloud, that is above you every step of the way. It can both help you by lighting the horizon, solving puzzles or striking lightning bolts at your enemies. Just beware one wrong move and it will spark you into ash!

Nubarron also has an art style from a talented artist like Juan Novelletto which is certainly impressive. The developers have put forward a game that would do well in an art project for a local gallery. So I for one will probably be admiring the backgrounds before getting deep into the game, it's like a book come to life!

So what do I think? With beautiful artwork, challenging puzzles and a very strange twist on the fairy tale idea, I for one am really looking forward to this game. But it's down to you to give this a Kickstarter pledge and the thumbs up through Steam Greenlight

Features :

Kill Gnome: You'll have to be in constant movement to avoid Cloud's lightnings. If not, poor Gnome.

Take care of  enemies: If you manage to avoid lightnings, the next step is to use them at your favor. Those bolts will take care of any unfriendly creature that you may cross.

Hardcore puzzles: The game is based on difficult puzzles that will put you in the dilema of using Cloud's thunder bolts to modify the environment. Usually not in happy ways.

Made with Unity: We're using Unity engine so porting to different platforms will be an easy task to achieve.

Bring light to dark places: You know abominable creatures live in the dark. Luckily, Cloud's Lightning bolts produce enough light to keep shadowy places visible. For short time spans though.

Turn machines on: Those same lightnings that kill you can be used to power up machines that need electricity. You'll find several of these across your journey.

Set stuff on fire: Sometimes you'll need to get a little aggressive with the environment to find your way. Cloud's bolts will set several things on fire when hit.

Kickstarter page
Steam Greenlight

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