Pizza Express - 16-bit style pizzeria manager starts Greenlight campaign

Ever since there have been home computers, there have been resource management games. My own first memory of them would have been Lemonade Stand and Tapper on the Apple II. Then of course sports management games, when it's much easier to simulate the statistics of sports rather than the game itself. Even now, the vast game playing majority is utterly addicted to the likes of Clash of Clans and Hay Day. So there must be something in this genre that keeps us coming back (I'm quite partial to Game Dev Story and Cookie Clicker myself...) It's getting to the point where as well as simulations of anything and everything (goat sim for example) you can also manage anything and everything, and Pizza Express is proving that the restaurant management sim is far from dead.

Nearing completion in development, Onni Interactive is looking to set a fire on their Greenlight campaign:
Pizza Express is a fast-paced restaurant simulation. Join and help the laborious Gastone and her wreckless friend Lucky in this adventure which will bring you from zero to hero. Make up your pizzas: give them a name, top them as you wish and set a competitive price. Meanwhile, choose your ingredients and their suppliers. Buy a new piece of furniture. Give your customers a new service, or a new discount. Plan your advertising campaign.

  • Complete control over the menu. Make up your own pizzas and tweak them in every detail! 
  • A detailed management mode to neatly organise your small culinary empire. 
  • More than 50 ingredients to unlock and choose from. 
  • Tight competition in order to become the best restaurant in town. 
  • A variety of eccentric characters to keep you company during your adventures. 
  • Dynamic story, which changes according to the decisions you take. 
  • Retro graphics and music. 
  • Are you a beginner? Or a hardcore player looking for a serious challenge? Set the game difficulty any way you like it. 
  • Available in English and Italian (so far).

Pizza express features a pixel art style reminiscent of early 16-bit Sierra and Lucas Arts adventures such as Maniac Mansion, Kings Quest and Leisure Suit Larry and a cracking Creative Commons sourced chiptune soundtrack. Lovely!

So head on over to Steam Greenlight for full details and give them a thumbs up

Pizza Express Steam Greenlight page



  1. Onni Interactive9 October 2014 at 17:42

    Hey there, Indie Retro News! Simone "SimonLuck" Bellon a.k.a. Onni Interactive here. Just wanted to thank you for featuring Pizza Express on your pages, much obliged!


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