Point and Click Jam - Create a Point and Click adventure!

When I read the words of Game Jam, my instant thoughts are of lots of awesome free games to play developed by talented people at home. From the more recent #NESJAM to the very popular #Speccyjam they both had very special development rules that stated you must create a game in the theme set by the specific rules. For example developing a modern first person shooter wouldn't be acceptable for the #NESJAM. Moving on from that, in 25 days a very special Jam is about to begin, the #PointClickJam in which you need to create a point and click adventure in 15 Days. Just think all those lovely point and click adventure games in the style of Sierra or Lucasarts!

Here are the rules :

  • The game can be of any size/length.
  • It must resemble the graphic style of a game from 80s/90s (LucasArts / Sierra / Delphine etc).
  • It must look / sound / feel / play as if it is from a retro system using specific palettes (see below) with a resolution of 320 x 200.
  • It can use a SCUMM Verb/Object style system, or something of your own creation.
  • Use #PointClickJam when discussing on twitter
  • You can start work on your story RIGHT NOW!! As long as all gamedev is between 14th - 29th Nov
  • For more details on Rules and discussion on palettes etc, register and discuss at http://www.pointandclickjam.com/forum
  • To maintain a retro feel to your game, you must choose one of the following palettes:

So see you in 25 days and good luck everyone I want to see some fantastic Adventure titles!



  1. Misja van Laatum20 October 2014 at 09:54

    This might just come in handy: http://www.adventuregamestudio.co.uk/

  2. Visit the forum alot, very handy indeed thanks :)


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