Stowaway - Indie Horror from Solar Gate Studios

I'm a huge fan of horror games yet with me it takes a lot to get me really scared, so while others are screaming at the first sound I would need so much more! So today the developers Solar Gate Studios sent us some interesting news about their latest game Stowaway; An Indie horror in the bowls of a damaged vessel.

According to Solar Gate Studios, the main aim of this game is to explore a Russian Nuclear Icebreaker adrift in the Arctic Circle, while using all the resources available to survive in a first person viewpoint. But as this is a scary horror game and darkness adds to the fear, the damaged vessel has limited power, with ship lights and CCTV systems almost non-operational. Which means the only light you'll have on many occasions is just your lighter or flashlight!

Thankfully anything that is using back up power such as cameras and lights can be used with your POD, a Portable Observation Device. Just don't be too surprised if something else comes into view when you're looking at the other parts of the ship, as you're not alone.

Stowaway is certainly looking to be an interesting horror experience for the PC but as of yet it's still in development, they will need your Steam Greenlight votes and possibly extra funding later.

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  1. Nice find, I clicked the green thumb to rate it on steam as I am a huge horror fan. I don't think any movie/game is scary, they just add a few jump factors with really loud music which is ok I guess. For me horror is more about a good story, lets hope this one has one.

  2. I wish there was a game that really made me scared, a game I had to put down for a bit before I could attempt the next section. Even outlast didn't do that! Running and hiding, running and hiding again and again just doesn't do it for me, it's tedious


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